Completed: The Mind Robber (Story #45)


Now, once again we have come to a serial that I have already viewed before beginning my journey of watching Classic Who from start to finish. This was the very first Second Doctor serial I ever watched, and, sadly, I don’t remember the details. 

I do recall the TARDIS exploding. I remember toy soldiers. I remember Zoe’s fighting skills, Jamie’s rope-climbing, and the Doctor’s inability to remember Jamie’s facial features correctly. Apart from that, I’m afraid I remember nothing. 

Since I still have so many serials to get through before November 23, I am not going to rewatch this now. I will come back when I have time to do a more thorough review.


  • The story is distinguished as a rare trip into nearly pure fantasy and by the establishment of the Void, a realm outside of space and time.
  • The Master is not the same character as the renegade Time Lord known as the Master.
  • One of the fictional characters encountered is the minotaur of Greek mythology. Variations on this myth were used again in the Third Doctor serial The Time Monster and the Fourth Doctor serial The Horns of Nimon. A minotaur-like creature (from a species close to the Nimon) appears in the Eleventh Doctor story “The God Complex”.
  • The Land of Fiction also features in the Virgin New Adventures spin-off novels Conundrum and Head Games by Steve Lyons. In Conundrum, it is revealed that the Land of Fiction was created by the Gods of Ragnarok. The novels, like all spin-off media, are of uncertain canonicity. It features once more in the Big Finish Productions audio adventures City of Spires, Night’s Black Agents, The Wreck of the Titan, and Legend of the Cybermen, this time featuring the Sixth Doctor (though the protagonists do not realise this until the very end of Titan).
  • During production, actor Frazer Hines contracted chicken pox and was hurriedly replaced by Hamish Wilson for episode 2. This also meant that a scene had to be quickly written to explain Jamie’s sudden change in appearance. Ian Hines, who plays one of the soldiers, is the brother of Frazer Hines. On both occasions before Jamie gets turned into a cut-out, he shouts, “creag an tuire”. Frazer Hines joked on the DVD commentary that this is Scottish Gaelic for “vodka and tonic”. It is close to the MacLaren clan’s slogan “Creag an tuirc”.
  • The white robots that close in on Jamie and Zoe in the void outside the TARDIS had been loaned from a previous use in the British science fiction television series Out of the Unknown.
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