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     ↳ Revenge of the Cybermen (Story #79)

★★★ / 5

"Revenge of the Cybermen" is the first serial to feature the men of metal since "The Invasion" during the Troughton Era. 

I do believe that Cybermen are my favorite villains. This partially because their stories always have such wonderful musical accompaniment. I do miss the Tomb of the Cybermen music though.

I can see that the folks in charge of props liked the Vogan symbol  They recycled it into the Seal of Rassilon.

The underground area where most of the action takes places looks very much like Gollum’s cave…

I wasn’t very fond of the Cybmen’s voices in this serial. They didn’t have that raspy, robotic tone this time. They sounded too human. While their voices were a bit odd, I’ll say the Tenth Planet Cybermen are still my favorite. They’re certainly the creepiest.

This serial was okay. Nothing too spectacular, but nothing terrible. It wasn’t much of a season finale, but I don’t believe it was originally intended to be one. My research has informed me of a very mixed up production schedule. The episodes were not filmed in the same order as they were broadcast. Perhaps that had something to do with it.

Favorite Scene:

SARAH: Doctor? 


SARAH: It’s good to see you. 

DOCTOR: Is it? 

SARAH: Yes. 

DOCTOR: (smiles) Oh. Right. (hits her arm) Come on, quickly then.

Someone please gif this scene. I’ll send you cookies and undying love. The cookies are imaginary, but the love is real.

Fun Facts:

  • Between the broadcast of episodes 1 and 2, William Hartnell, the First Doctor, passed away. Coincidentally, he died during broadcast of a serial that served to reintroduce the Cybermen. His final solo appearance, TV: The Tenth Planet, as the Doctor occurred during the serial that introduced them. [Not-so-fun-fact actually. RIP William Hartnell]
  • The location filming at Wookey Hole was plagued by a series of problems which the crew blamed on a curse.[2] The curse apparently was brought about when the production staff found a small rock formation that the locals called “The Witch”. Despite warnings, they proceeded to put a witch hat and cloak on it. The assistant floor manager suffered a severe attack of claustrophobia, another crew member fell ill, and an electrician suffered a broken leg when a ladder collapsed. During the scene when Sarah Jane rides one of the water skimmers, the boat went wild and Sladen was forced to jump off, treading water despite heavy boots until her rescue by Terry Walsh, the programme’s longtime stuntman. Both required precautionary vaccinations at a local hospital but were otherwise unhurt. [WHAAAAAT?]
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